How many times have your wondered what truths are being hidden from you? How many times have you felt that punctuated feeling of doubt or emptiness because you know something just doesn’t feel or seem right? The truth may lie within all of us; however there are many people, agencies and organizations that make it their job to deny us of just that!

Hiding the truth liberally unveils the lies, deceptions, schemes and plots that are put into motion by people who don’t want us to know something. Is there really a God? Is metaphysical real or imagined? What about our governments? What are they hiding? Do you really know the politicians who are supposed to have your best interests in mind or are they too simply part of a bigger plan to fool us all? Is the corporate world really part of the solution or are they simply causing the trouble? How many murders really go unsolved? What is the news media not telling us and why? Are UFO’s real, part of a military plot or quite simply a hoax? Did the USA really take the first moon walk? How many times have your wondered what truths are being hidden from you?

What if all of us are simply being duped, wouldn’t you want to know? Hiding the truth is designed to shed some much needed light on the questions that seem to simply keep stirring in our souls; constantly being brought up in the consciousness of our mind because our senses tell us and show us that somehow something about the truth just doesn’t seem right. Packed full of forums and debates for people like you so the truth can finally rise to the surface and enlightenment can strike us all.

We all deserve the truth. Don’t you want to know, aren’t you curious just who is hiding the truth from you? Hiding the truth is the vehicle with which we all can explore the lies and hopefully, undoubtedly and accurately bring forth the truth together.