Child Protective Services-Heroes or Villains?

I am certain that nobody would argue with me that protecting our children is one of the most important duties we will ever have. They are our future. And, if you believe all the information coming from government sources, child abuse is now an epidemic. And, according to the governments opinion, parents are unable to protect their children on their own. Forget the fact that it’s been done for over 100,000 years (after all, we’re obviously not extinct…). In the modern world, an average, rational adult is unable to protect their own children. So, the Powers-That-Be created a force of so-called Knights in Shining Armor, who’s duty is supposed to be to assist you in keeping your children safe. In the Modern World, we call them Child Protective Services Workers. But, are they really protecting our children, or is there something else going on?

A little history is in order. In almost all ancient cultures, Rome included, child protection was not considered the duty of government, but the father, and laws were in place to ensure that this was the case. A father had unlimited power to determine what was best for his children, and there were very harsh punishments for failing to do so. It remained that way until the Middle Ages in Europe, when Parliamentary bodies were asserting some authority over Child Welfare in extreme cases, mainly abject poverty. A child could be removed from a poverty-stricken home and forcibly placed in an internship to learn a trade, and stay there until the age of majority. Other than that, they stayed out of family life. Child Abuse was handled by Law Enforcement, just like any other crime, with horrific penalties for the guilty. It remained that way in Europe, and the American Colonies, and later, the United States until the 20th century. In the 1920s, the courts took more of an interest in Child Protection, and in severe cases, children were removed from the home. But only after Due Process. This changed in 1980 with passage of the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act (PL 96-272), which required states to pay people to adopt removed children with “special needs”. The “Special Needs” were defined as “Children who cannot be returned to the parents home…”, with no reason specified. This created an industry where people could make a living by raising other peoples children. It also granted Child Protective Services almost unlimited power to remove children from the home, and removed the requirement for them to have to go through Due Process, meaning no Judicial Oversight. In 1997, Congress passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act (PL 105-89) , which allows the federal government to pay states for the number of children they have placed in adoption, allows the states to terminate parental rights for children in foster care, and circumvents all of the Bill of Rights as far as Searches and Seizures, the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the 5th Amendment, and much more. What this law does is create a Child-Trafficking System, with financial incentive for states to do whatever they want to remove children from their parents.

In effect, the situation is that if you show up on any Child Protective Services (CPS) radar, neither you, nor your children have any rights…period. And of course, the states pass on their bonus money to the courts, lawyers, psychologists, and CPS, so they can make even more money for the state. So, we have a multi-million dollar industry in place with over 48 million people dependent on more adoptions. Is it possible that the child abuse statistics may be a little inflated, in order to keep the money flowing?
Getting actual numbers for a lot of things are not possible, because the CPS is immune from any auditing, other than its own, even from Congress. And the stakes are high. One Ga. Senator, Nancy Schaefer tried to pass a law requiring both a judicial, and financial audit of the states CPS. Next election, the other politicians made sure she lost her seat in Congress, and a few years later, after a public campaign for CPS Reform, she was murdered by her 74 year-old, cancer-ridden husband, who could not even get out of bed unassisted, who then turned the gun on himself. Yeah….right! If you believe that, I have some Ocean-Front Property in Arizona to sell you, real cheap….. Anyway, from the numbers I could get (from so-called national Child Abuse Statistics, but they never say where they got the numbers…), apparently 5 children die every day as a result of abuse. But when I checked that figure against other sources, it seems that 3 out of those 5 children were in either government custody, foster care, or adopted out. In fact, crunching the numbers a little more indicated that a child is 6 times as likely to die in CPS Custody, foster-care, or in adoption, than children in the general population. This is not an opinion. This is just numbers and math, and I am using their numbers.

Their next claim is that “it is estimated (their words, not mine…) that 50-60% of all child fatalities due to maltreatment are not reported as such on Death Certificates” … Huh? Lets examine that statement. They estimate? Using what criteria? If the deaths are not reported as due to maltreatment, then how do they know they were? Using that criteria, I could just as easy make the claim that they were killed by aliens from the planet Zorkon… I guess doctors, coroners and forensic pathologists, are just too stupid to be able to determine a Cause of Death, and a CPS worker, with a few months training under their belt, and maybe a year or two at a community college, is much better able to second-guess a Post-Mortem.
The next claim is that “Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education”… But a check on the social-ecomonic situations of people who have had their children taken away from them, indicate that, just for 2009, 87% had incomes less than the national average, and 72% were at the poverty level. Of the remaining 13%, 5% were children who’s parents were incarcerated for other crimes. Apparently, only people who can’t hire lawyers abuse their children…..All of the other claims were equally absurd and unsubstantiated.
I came up with some of my own numbers. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Health (Child Abuse 2009), there were 33 million investigations, involving 6 million children, in 2009. Of these, only 22% warranted further investigation. I could not find numbers on how many children were removed from their homes, because that information appears to be classified, but I did discover that the federal government payed the states CPS $5,532,000,000 of our money under Title IV of the Social Security Act, pursuant to the Adoption and Safe Families Act. That gives you an idea of how many children are being removed. Using the figures for how much the states get for each adopted child, that comes out to over 3 million children removed from their homes. And in all those cases, less than 2 % resulted in any criminal charges being filed, and less than 1% resulted in any kind of conviction. But most parents did not get their children back, just the same.

In addition, CPS regularly kidnaps children from school buses, schools, hospitals, libraries, and babysitters, breaks into houses and other unconstitutional acts, all without warrants, and in total immunity. Most judges merely rubber-stamp anything CPS does ( and why not? they are on the payroll as well). CPS workers are rated on how much money they generate through adoptions, according to Carol Rhodes, a former Investigator for the 37th Circuit Family Court. Workers are encouraged to lie, destroy evidence, or manufacture it, and will lose their jobs if they assist parents in any type of legal defense.

I tried very hard to find some positive information on CPS, to balance the article. But a thorough check of the internet, the public library, and any other sources I had access to turned up nothing. The only positive information I found was from CPS itself, or affiliated organizations.

It is a shame that this had to happen, because there are children out there who really are being abused, and are being over-looked because there is no money in it. But if you go by the numbers, it is possible your children could be more at risk from CPS, than any other source.
Welcome to Amerika.

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